+++ /// Glitter Bones Deep Immune Tonic with Chaga + Reishi /// ++++ GLITTER BONES DEEP IMMUNE TONIC + 

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) and Reishi (Ganoderma tsuga) are two sturdy ancient remedies ethically wild-crafted for this elixir from the birch forests of the north woods. These creatures arise as collaborations between tree and rhizome, elegant and strange, homely and otherworldly. We process them by double-extraction, resulting in a small batch elixir that penetrates the tissues to offer balanced immune function, free-radical scavenging, and rich and bone-deep nourishment. Crafted to please the tongue and help you feel like someone’s got your back all day long.

+ Crafted with Chaga, Reishi, Cacao, Cardamom, Maple, + Spirits.

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+++ /// Everyday Resilience Tonic /// +++


Rise Up + Stay Grounded. Inspired by the resilience of our queer + feminist communities, this formula is made to shore up + magnify the brilliance + strength inherent in our bodies + spirits. The botanical allies blended in these bottles soothe + nourish the adrenal + nervous systems, support deep immune function, lift mood + energy, + cradle the heart. This elixir is meant to be a friend + tonic that moves with you through your day.

+ Crafted with Milky Oats, Tulsi, Reishi, Lemon Balm, Rose, Honey, + Spirits

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First Aid for Colds, Flus, and Infections


Formulated for colds, flus, + infections, this blend of wild-crafted + hand-grown medicines are fiercely formulated to assist the body + spirit to cope with + resist the bacterial, viral, fungal, and other microbes that cause us infection, depletion, + discomfort. This formula is meant to be used regularly at the onset + for the duration of sickness, to reduce symptoms, strengthen the immune system, + move sickness more speedily on + through.

+ Crafted with Osha Honey, Spilanthes, Echinacea, Red Root, Elder, Ginger, Yarrow, + Spirits

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Whether coping with momentary anxieties + missed connections or showing up for regular bouts with occupational or relationship stressors, this fragrant formula steps up like a good friend to knock the stress levels back so you can find the perspective, breath, + resilient skills you already have to go gracefully about your way. Keep this formula on hand or enjoy it at the end of a long day.

+ Crafted with Tulsi, Skullcap, California Poppy, Lavender, Maple, + Spirits

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+++ /// Ewes Snooze Sleeping Potion /// +++


One of our best-loved formulas! Maybe your mind is running around, waving its to-do list in your face at two in the morning? Here’s a blend to help you count your sheep right into a little snuggle puddle of zzzzzzzzz.

+ Crafted with Hops, Skullcap, California Poppy, + Passionflower

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Tissue Repair for Bruises, Aches, Sprains, and Hard Workin' Aches


Our first offering in our Farmers + Acrobats medicine line! Cleaning out the greenhouse, hauling firewood, + choreography everyday means extra care for the aches, bruises, strains, sprains, + fractures we gain from the hard work we expend. This topical tissue repair formula combines well with heat, massage, hydro-theraphy, gua sha, and/or collagen supplementation, not to mention our Farmers + Acrobats Tissue Repair Tonic. Use daily for speedy + supple recovery so you can get back at it.

+ Crafted with Calendula, St. John’s Wort, Arnica, Kava, + Wintergreen in Olive Oil

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+++ /// Farmers + Acrobats Tissue Repair Tonic /// +++


Introducing our second offering in our Farmers + Acrobats medicine line! This medicine is for folks whose daily activities — whether timber framing, recovering from surgery or chronic illness, tilling new beds, chasing after kiddos, or getting back up on the trapeze night after night — require extra care and recovery. We choose herbs with particular affinity for muscles, bones, and connective tissue to help address soft tissue injury, fractures, bruises, tears, deep aches, and chronic inflammation. This formula offers repair, ease, soothing, and mending after a hard day’s work.

+ Crafted with Solomon’s Seal, Gotu Kola, Arnica, + Black Birch in Spirits

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+++ /// Glow Warming Digestive Formula /// +++


This spicy elixir is perfect for cold weather and cool constitutions. Bitter formulas have an honored place on any apothecary or kitchen shelf, assisting the palate and digestive tract in making the best use of the nourishment you offer it. This formula’s roots are hand-dug and sustainably harvested from beloved mountains and fields where we continue to cultivate cherished relationships.

+ Crafted with Dandelion, Angelica, Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Fennel, Ginger, Maple, + Spirits

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Comfort + strength for psycho/social/spiritual distress.


This elixir is our variation of a well-loved formula meant to offer solace + strength to tender hearts in times of crisis, grief, + loss. Hawthorn nourishes + protects while maintaining openness, Mimosa assists in moving with + through grief, while Rose + Coriander remind us of the romance, comfort, + unanticipated joy that awaits us on the other side of this moment. Use this formula regularly throughout the day or as needed.

+ Crafted with Hawthorn berry, Mimosa bark + flower, Rose petals, Coriander seed, + Rose Quartz, Maple, + Spirits

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+++ /// Hot Babes No. 3 Romance Elixir /// +++


Keep the fires burning bright! This potion is first and foremost an ally in aligning and manifesting your desires according to your own say-so. Whether blissfully solo or laying back in good company, let this merging of plant + stone medicines facilitate the unfolding + exploding of what you can give + how you receive.

+ Crafted with Kava Kava, Damiana, Cacao, Peony, Rose, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Rose Honey, + Spirits

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+++ /// Brilliant Hibernation Plant + Stone Medicine /// +++


For Seeing In Winter’s Dark. A remedy for lifting winter blues, creating a cocoon for the introspective hours, + plumbing the creative depths of the blustery dark. This elixir is best kept on your desk, nightstand, or kitchen counter for the intention + manifestation of snow magic.

+ Crafted with essences of Hemlock tips, St. John’s Wort, Black Cohosh, Hematite, Citrine, Amethyst, Juniper Honey, + Spirits

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This late summer medicine is formulated from ethically wild-gathered berry, leaf, flower, + stone with the rich light coating the soft peaks of the Blue Ridge mountains. Keep this spacious + generous essence at the studio, by your desk, in the kitchen, or at the office to help keep wide open the windows of possibility + doors of creative practice. Juicy + sweet, this formula reminds us that we all feed on sunlight, that we contain the potential to use our creative brilliance to re-inforce the webs of mutual care + inspiration.

+ Crafted with wild Blueberry, Blackberry, Rowan, Yarrow, Self-Heal, St. John’s Wort, Citrine, + Spirits

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+++ /// Boundaries Potion No. 3 Plant + Stone Medicine /// +++


For the Protection + Practice of Non-Binary Navigation. Originally blended to support social workers, healers, caregivers, and queer folks on the daily and in the workplace, this plant + stone elixir supports protective + compassionate boundaries and relief from the the ill-effects + residues of low-vibrational behaviors. This formula can help see us through complex social situations, conflict, oppressive circumstances, + other people’s bad moods with a little grace + resilience.

+ Crafted with essences of Yarrow, Motherwort, Chaparral, Black Tourmaline, Maple, + Spirits

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