Winter Truffles + Staying Warm


Happy New Year, folks! In Vermont we are in Deep Winter, which often means snow up to my bellybutton when I emerge from the woodstove cocoon of our old farmhouse.

The good folks at the Herbal Academy asked me to contribute a piece on circulatory herbs for winter and how best to get them in your belly: Warming Winter Rituals: Herbal Truffles for Good Circulation. Check out the teaser below and click on the link for details, materia medica, and recipes!

While the most immediately obvious health perks of herbal truffles are their delicious and stimulating effects, all of the herbs included also have additional notable health benefits. Many of these herbs are antimicrobial, helping to ward off winter-time contagions, and nearly all of them are digestive aids, helping to prepare the gut for breaking down food, stimulate bile for the digestion of fats, soothe bloating and gas, absorb nutrients, and relax the digestive tract. The extra daily dose of antioxidants can’t hurt either, helping to address inflammation and its downstream effects. Herbal truffles are a simple, delicious, and accessible opportunity to tailor your daily ritual to your and your loved-ones particular health needs.

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