Sour for Spring

As some of you have read before on this blog, I am a freelance writer and Associate Academy Educator at the Herbal Academy, an online herbal education project that holds SO MUCH awesome information and hosts amazing resources. In addition to plant monographs and articles for the Herbarium, I also contribute to the blog. Check out my newest exploration of herbs, the human palate, and coming out of winter — Sour Flavor: How Taste Can Rinse Out Winter.



Today the equinox came, sandwiched between two watery eclipses spanning Pisces and Aries, bracing us inside this liminal space, a transition to spring and return of growing, a day awash in both strong bright light and cold brisk winds. Watching through the windows at breakfast, standing in the greenhouse sprinkling soft rains on my flats of tiny green starts, I could feel a dragon stirring in the ground beneath my boots.

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